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Streams > Compliance Streams > Error Handling and Recovery Test Streams
      Error Handling and Recovery Test Stream Suite  
  Audio Format Test Frame    " Error handling and Recovery test stream suite aim...  

To test receiver's Robustness and Stability
To simulate near field error conditions
To well prepare for actual field trials
To ensure low receiver return rates


Receiver is expected to handle number of challenging conditions from the actual broadcast environment in the field. Receiver should be stable and perform well under these error conditions which are to be expected in the field conditions.

Narlak's Error handling and Recovery test streams suite provides streams to ensure receiver is robust enough to handle broadcast conditions and a good level of confidence for the manufacturer before the actual field trials.

    Test stream suite specification highlights  

# Transport Packet header syntax errors testing
# PES packet header syntax error testing including timing information
# Specialized test sequences for timing errors like PTS, DTS and PCR jitters
# MPEG-2 and AVC video syntax error streams
# MPEG, AC-3, HEAAC, EAC-3 audio syntax errors

   Error Handling and Recovery Test Stream Suites delivery formats: MPEG-2 TS for DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S and ATSC.  
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